Why is it you chose the profession you chose?

"Starting when I was young, in the cellar back home, we had a wood furnace and there was a poker that held upon a nail. I would put the poker into the fire and bend whatever metal I could get my hands on. Next to the furnace was a small drain and from the hot furnace to the cool water I would watch it sizzle and harden into any shape I made it. Basically what I do I need: engineering abilities, construction abilities, welding abilities, and people abilities, in order to create something that intrigues me from when I was young."

What is it about your job that gets you out of bed every morning?

"There are always different periods within the year that I like to go to work more so than others. Spring and autumn are my favorite, mainly because of weather. I enjoy getting to work early in the morning and reading my paper and drinking my coffee. I enjoy working alone at my shop, where I can concentrate on my work. Early in the morning is my prime work environment when there's not many distractions. Of coarse this is all within the weekdays. During the weekend, however, I enjoy relaxing and attending my usual church service."

What drives you to continue doing what you do?

"I enjoy my customer base. I get to meet incredible people that I enjoy interacting with more and more, I enjoy being artstic and I enjoy the unique challenges that God gives to me everyday."

What sort of training/background do you have in your line of work?

"Basically it was all on the job. I started at a truck bed place where I learned how to weld basics. Next I worked at Caprice and from that sort of apprenticeship I acquired the business and training."

Do you only use quality products and quality materials? If so where from and why so?

"My products and materials are top grade metals usually from Valley Iron in southwest Fresno. I use these because my reputation, my name, rides of the type of quality I give. So in order to keep my name high I use the best materials. Something I do that not a lot of people do is I sandblast the item after its constructions, then I prime it, then paint it, and if the customer wants I powdercoat it; and finally I install it. From my experiance a lot of people dont sandblast their product and by doing this my product lasts longer, mainly from rust. For primer I use the only paint company left in San Fransico, RJ MacGlennon, founded in the early 1900s. For paint I use Sherwin williams. For sandblast I use Blast-Tech."

Why should the customer choose you over someone else?

"Service, accountability, dependability. If there is anything wrong with my product I will fix it, Better Business Bureau gives me A+, I've never tried to emulate anybody. I like to march to my own beat."

© Joe Yoder 2013